30 years of experience in plant construction

In 1982, Reinhard Holzenkamp took over the company where he had previously trained, Warnking Maschinenbau in Vechta-Holzhausen. At that time, the company employed five people and had always manufactured machines for the peat industry. Today, more than 20 people work for the company, which in the meantime is part of the REHO-GRUPPE established by Reinhard Holzenkamp together with two further companies.

Warnking Maschinenbau supplies systems worldwide. Our customers value decades of company experience in specialist mechanical engineering, the high competency of our employees and our reliability. Systems and machines from Holzhausen stand for exceptional precision and durability.

Thanks to continuous training, our employees are constantly being familiarised with state-of-the-art technology, and this plays a major contribution towards Warnking Maschinenbau being held in high esteem as a training company.

You can find out more about Warnking Maschinenbau under Porträt über die REHO-Gruppe in »argumente 2011« (Portrait of the REHO Group), from the Wirtschaftsmagazin des Verbundes Oldenburger Münsterland (Business magazine of the Oldenburger Münsterland Association).

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